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Brief history of the sports club Bertolt Brecht

The sports club Bertolt Brecht was born in 1975 and is the daughter of the "Austerity" the years '73 and '74.

It was in those years that, because of the total block traffic on Sundays, some friends of the bar found themselves using the bike for their journeys and from there he came up the idea to engage in cycling.
This fact was established a company cycling.
The most common question that is placed is:
"What does the German playwright Bertolt Brecht with cycling?"
The answer is not always immediate, normally cyclists of Bertolt Brecht respond that they, as well as being of Cycling tourists with the "C" also feel that philosophers and poets and still stand out from the other cyclists.
In reality this is a consequence not the reason for the name.
The real reason is that, to form a club must fulfill various paperwork so, since the bar where it was founded the cycling club was the cultural circle "Bertolt Brecht" in which militated of athletes able to perform these formalities quickly, it decided to take on a transitional basis, the name of the cultural circle.
That transition is still in progress and, ...... ..not you speak with anyone to change it.

At the head of the cyclists of Bertolt Brecht they have followed:
Mario Padovani (founding member), Luciano Grilli, Cristofori Tarroni Daniel and John.

The purpose of the company is to create a meeting point between cyclists, out together to enjoy your favorite sport and always socialize with others while avoiding the exits yourself that much sadden.
The company organizes social outings by bike to go to climb the most prestigious summits that have brought success to the great cycling. They are so climbing: the Stelvio. Gavia, Mortirolo, the Gran Sasso, the Grosclokner, Zoncolan ......... ..and many others in Italy.

The Tourmalet, the Aspin, the Mont Ventoux, the Bonnette, la Croix de Fer, the Iseran, ...... ..and many others in France.
The other highlight of the Bertolt Brecht is the "Granfondo Wine and Flavours of the Hills of Forlì and Cesena" that, in just seven years, was awarded the title of 4th marathon nationwide now exceed 4000 registered.

Famous for its trails and its refreshments Romagnolo is part of the Circuit of Cycling.
The Bertolt Brecht is also involved in social work, for some years in fact, with the formula "distance adoption" now adopted two children Colombian Sergio and Angela.

The two "children" of Bertolt Brecht are maintained to the studies in order to offer him a better future in their homeland.

This and more is the POL Bertolt Brecht, not only cycling but much more ...... ..